Non-Surgical Facelift: Chin Up Mask

I am a BIG fan of non surgical treatments, especially if they save time and money and most of all pain. But when I heard about Chin Up... I was a little skeptical. My chin has never been an area I stare at everyday and fret about (like other areas of my face) but I have always had some baby chub and that was something I wasn't too keen on. 

Everyone wants that Kendall Jenner jaw line right? The Chin Up mask has won a bunch of awards and collected a whole lot of good press so I thought it would be a good idea to try it out for myself! I started with the Trial pack, that contains kit for 2 mask treatments. I'm going to be honest, when I opened it I was kind of scared. It feels like a scuba material and has a little tape measure is for measuring before and after. The directions on the back of the pack seemed straight forward enough so I dived in. You have to have a clean face as it kind of works like a sheet mask in the fact it's a wipe effect underneath the strap. 

If you get confused how to apply it, just check their page here: How To Use

I know it looks kind of scary, but surprisingly, it worked! I measured my chin three to four times before from different angles making sure I got it right and it was 16cm. I popped on the wet mask and then the strap over the top of it. It has a very warming sensation for the whole duration of the treatment and kind of squashes your face in but to be honest it's not that uncomfortable. I sat with it on for 35 minutes (as 30-45 is recommended) and just got on with some other stuff while I was wearing it. I took it off and cleaned the excess goo off my face and measured again.

I had to measure roughly 6 times because I couldn't believe the result. It had gone from 16cm down to 15cm...... a whole 1cm in 35 minutes.... I mean..... I was not expecting that!!

I only have two of the treatments but I would happily do it again! With regular use it can reduce even more and the reviews don't lie! 

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This mask was gifted for the purpose of the review but all views and opinions and results are my own!