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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Situated up in Bedford place, Shrimp & Burger does exactly what it says on the tin! Fresh and full of flavour is their motto and I can tell you, they do not disappoint. Opened in 2014, this eatery has been around for a while, but have you been there yet? An eclectic mix of funky style furniture and cool music, this place is a great mix of character and tasty burgers. Not only burgers, they also offer many different starters and other options incase burgers aren't your thing. 

Not only is the food great quality and the cocktails delicious, you can get a full on burger for the measly price of just £7.90, and so if you're on a tight budget and looking for places to eat out, I'd suggest giving this one a go. You can see their menu online here too.

Open from midday to 10pm every single day (8pm on Sunday) you can pop in for a later dinner if you fancy something more chilled, and to top it off you don't even need to leave your house. Order it straight from Deliveroo! 

I don't normally drink cocktails anymore, but now it's getting to the sunnier weather, something a little more fruity is definitely for me. Their extensive cocktail menu is one to be enticed by and the Raspberry fizz was definitely a hit with me. The first I had was also a fruity mango delight and they complimented the food well, giving a tangy fresh hit to the tastebuds. 

For starters we decided to share half a plate of each because we couldn't decide which one we wanted! The Havana dusted Chicken Strips and Battered Shrimp (with Piri Piri flavouring) went down a treat and we have to fight for every last bit before the other snatched them away! The meat was tender and soft and the batter gave it that extra crunch, as well as the dips adding even more flavour on top. 

Onto the mains, and I was VERY impressed with the portion size for the price. I had seen the San Diego Burger on their Instagram and already knew this is what I would have. A melty mix of chicken breast, halloumi cheese and avocado with bacon'aise inside to top it all off and I was sold! I couldn't wait to tuck in when it arrived, and the sweet potato fries were a great side to add on as well, for that little crunch. 

The burger was HUGE and I did have to use my knife and form (but that's just because I'm a prude who eats everything with cutlery) but I did share some of mine and saw it was pick-up-able too, with a napkin for after.... The bacon'aise was a great taste addition and the whole thing oozed flavour.

The other dish we had was the 'That's a Wrap! Flour Tortillas' kit with guac and sour cream, cheese and chicken, although there are falafel and veggie options too. You do have to make them up yourself, but that's no problem when you take the first bit and find out how good it tastes. The Chicken and bacon were cooked just right and everything you add to make the wraps just fills it with all of these different flavours and textures. The salsa, salad and cheese were the favourites on this table and I even managed to steal myself a wrap.....

When you've devoured all of the food you can, and trust me I left very full, you can enjoy a cocktail from their bar next door or a nice cup of fresh made coffee. Whichever floats your boat after a meal I suppose! They have a pretty decent list of drinks to choose from and there's definitely something for everyone. 

Over all I thought the atmosphere was great and the food was a definite 9 on my scale. The location isn't one you think you'd find a hidden gem but it really is that, and this won't be the last time I get food from here now I know exactly how good it is. 

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The food was gifted for the purpose of this review, but all views and very happy tastebuds are my own.

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