A Better Way To Date Me: Meetchu

What is dating these days? We've got lost in a whole menagerie of words for situations, like 'seeing someone' or 'dating someone' or god forbid actually being someone's 'GIRLFRIEND'. And for a lot of people that is a super scary thought. Weirdly I don't share their fear. The fact that someone can go from Girlfriend to Ex in a second doesn't phase me and no extra pressure comes with a word, but millennials really seem to have it hard. Our generation has something against commitment, but if you're too busy to actually go out and meet someone, what's your choice?

Everyone wants that special someone. Someone to say "I could never let you go" (yes I quoted Gossip Girl but who the hell cares) and cuddle you to sleep at night. We've all tried the whole Instagram follow/like photos and start a conversation thing and there's some lucky people it works for. Tinder and Plenty of Fish are sometimes a good choice, but I find they are littered with catfishes and strange unsolicited photos no one wants to see....

So what's my next choice? 

For privacy reasons I obviously blotted out my matches name, but Meetchu is a brand new app that actually lets you video call. Forget giving someone your number straight away, this app actually lets you video call people. And the best part? You can't get catfished!! They can't hide behind a little screen anymore!

I set my description, I set who I wanted to look for and got to work swiping. I finally got a match and we started chatting, then finally had a video call and it wasn't all that nerve wracking, definitely not as bad as having to just 'meet' someone. The whole idea is to meet before you meet and I love it. I'm quite a picky person and awkward dates just don't do it for me, so to be able to video chat someone, with the privacy of them not knowing my number yet.... it's fabulous. 

You can even 'Zap' conversations from yours AND the other persons phone if you decide they aren't for you! It's genius! I'm sure we have all sent a few messages we never wish we had. 

So whether this turns into anything or not with my match, I've found a dating app I can trust and isn't that what relationships are all about? 

I'd love to hear how you think using apps help, and how they improve your chances when you have a busy life like mine!! 


Because there's no harm in trying right?

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This is a sponsored blog post but all opinions, dating profiles and matches are definitely my own!!