Meal Prep For A Busy Week

I’ve always liked eating healthy and strangely my body kind of rejects unhealthy food. Fish and Chips and I feel terrible for two days (but sometimes it’s so worth it). But with a busy schedule pretty much all the time there isn’t really a let6 up, and even meal prep to me takes up too much time. I have seen a few meal prep type companies that make and deliver your food, but never given it a proper thought just dismissing the idea as being too expensive or just for hardcore ‘gym gods’ who need 7 chicken breast and rice meals a day.

When The Eat Good Club opened up in Shirley, Southampton, I thought it the perfect opportunity to fill a week with good food considering I had a busy diary and wouldn’t have time to cook. Their business originally started when they were making their own gym meal prep and other people were paying them to make theirs to. Then bingo! A Gap in the market and the restaurant/shop was opened. 

I chose to go with the package that included lunch and dinner and asked for specifically some salmon meals, but other than that I wasn’t fussed and just wanted to keep it healthy.

They were really understanding and knew that the food was just pure health rather than for a fitness or muscle gain basis so didn’t worry too much about my macros etc. But that is an option if you really are into your gym food! I went and collected my box as I was at an event nearby, but it’s a flexible service and they can deliver the food to you when you need as well. 

All of the food comes in it’s own little containers and is easily identified, and calorie counted too. Each one has the nutritional information written on the front, as well as the instructions on how to reheat the meals when you eat them. It couldn’t be simpler really! 

So what was the food actually like?

I had a couple of choices for breakfasts, one with fruit, one fruit and yoghurt and one with chia seeds and yoghurt with fruit also and they were super tasty. They were also little pots so I could take them with me to work if I needed. 

It was actually better than I expected. I don’t really ever reheat food because I always think it tastes worse or goes funny but these guys are pro’s and they know how it’s done. I reheated each meal and each was just as good as the one before. I added sauce to some of them too, and I would recommend doing that, as sauce would be a little strange to reheat and not everyone likes the same stuff! So just get a couple of different ones and pairing the sauce with your meal. 

Price wise, it’s not as expensive as I first thought and can average about £40 per week. Which I imagine is less than what I would spend on Pret or other ready meals!!

Give them a call or pop in store and see what you fancy! Why not try it for a week? 

Find them on Instagram here: @theeatgoodclub

(The food was gifted but the review was all my own and I'm definitely going to buy some more!)