Blind Pigs and Sunday Thoughts

Sundays used to remind me of days that would be spent hungover and wondering why i drank so much the night before. But nowadays in a state of not really knowing what I'm doing or where I'm going, these days are spent all to much in a mental state of confusions and too much time to overthink.

I like to think that i have everything planned out but on days when I'm feeling lost i call upon an old friend to wander around with me, drink cider and talk about times passed. Zara do the most amazing leotards that happened to sell out right after i bought one, but this however still needs to be stuck down with tit-tape, proving that even something beautiful and comfortable sometimes has flaws that need to be stuck down day to day. Maybe thats a small reflection on life, you think you have everything all well done and pretty and comfortable but then one tiny element (like your boobs falling out the super soft fabric) can sink you right back down to really where you have to rethink the practicality of things.  Someone wonderful treated me to the suede jacket of absolute dreams and i was so excited to wear it today, it felt amazing and smelled like new. The comfort and beauty made me feel amazing and having it photographed also felt great. Taking time out to sit and have a cider, strangely named Blind Pig,  in the cutest restaurant gave a chance to mull over pictures taken and get lost in the creativity of it all. If all sundays could be like this i think I'd be okay with that.

Jacket: All Saints
Leotard: Zara
Restaurant: The Pig in the Wall, 8 Western Esplanade, Southampton SO14 2AZ