Locks Like K. Jenner

Getting my hair done in a salon isn't a frequent activity for me, so when  decided to get it dyed professionally (instead of opting for the £5 box home dye), it had to be somewhere that I trusted, and somewhere I felt comfortable.
Venturing down to a Salon run by Gillian Reilly situated in City Centre, next to Laura Ashley, I had found a place comfortable and welcoming as well as professional. Having worked in hairdressing for many years, I had my hair done by the master herself, Gillian. 
I was offered a pot of coffee and was able to help myself with the promise of more caffeine if I wanted (yay)! She sat me down and went through the colour and style I was after, and having black-ish hair already I was going to go for the luscious black 'Kylie Jenner' look. The dye was carefully worked around my head and I was left to soak for a while. The comfortable feel of the salon and great playlists made me feel right at home! I was then rinsed and washed with the fruitiest smelling shampoo I have ever had the pleasure of having in my hair! The free head massage also worked wonders for the whole experience. After some experienced handiwork and lots of blowdrying, my hair transformation was complete! Beautiful shiny black hair with curls for days! I would highly recommend the salon to anyone wanting a change in hair or just a usual cut with a brilliant experience!!

Thankyou Gillian :)

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