My Yoga Diaries No.1

All of my friends have been telling me to take up yoga regularly for so long, so when i got a membership at Virgin Active Hampshire club, I thought I might as well take advantage of the classes and join up. Here I will document my experiences in the hope I'm helping some of you conquer any fears or take up something for yourself!

So after battling anxiety throughout my final year at university due to the sheer pressure and stress, i have now become a gibbering or completely silent wreck in certain situations, one of those being going to new places and doing new things on my own. I want to kick this and push myself to do things outside my comfort zone but this is not going to be easy. So my first test was to jump on the bus and head to a yoga class all on my own. I was weirdly automatically booked into one when i logged in online for Virgin Active, so decided it was fate and planned to go. The whole way there I was so terrified and nearly got off at the wrong bus stop! 
I had to ask where to go and what to do which was a task in itself, but thankfully the staff were really nice and I found it all okay. I tried to follow what everyone else was setting out and grabbed a yoga mat and some blocks from a little stock room. The class i chose was Yoga - Hatha, concentrating on breathing, relaxing (perfect) and soothing as well as suppleness.
I didn't relax all that much purely because i was so nervous, but some of the moves i recognised and just tried to settle in and follow along. The stretches were great and I definitely became more relaxed towards the end. I felt like i was faking a little bit some of the way through as i wasn't as relaxed as I possibly should have been, but then again i still enjoyed it a lot and it was only my first time!
I came out feeling really accomplished and I know more for next time. I even spoke to another lady that will be at the same class next week which made me feel more comfortable. Just taking this small part out of my day and busy life to breathe and relax and do something for my well-being really feels like I'm on the right track and I've already booked my place for the same one next week.

I will also be trying some of the other classes soon too! I even booked a gym induction for Monday to get me kickstarted in there too. Scary stuff for me but if I don't push myself I'll never do it.

Check out the Virgin Active gyms here, i highly recommend trying out the classes and let me know how you get on!