Because Toffee Apple and Nutella are Winter

Winter food is such a comfort right now, especially having left my night job and being able to stay in and eat even more, I'm enjoying exploring new flavours. Stakks have new flavour combos and a new milkshake on offer for November! Come and see.....

I was lucky enough to try the new November special in Stakks in The Marlands and if I said I was impressed then that would be an understatement. As a massive fan of a Sunday pie, the new #aroundtheworldwithstakks has come to London and the Chicken, Leek and Bacon creation was born. The sauce is amazing and you don't actually realise that your eating pancakes as it tastes like a classic pie! And then you realise and it's a bonus. 

The next was the desert, Sticky Toffee Apple with ice cream and this was also just as yummy as it sounds. Real apple and real nice toffee. So nice in fact I've actually just had this for lunch. (I tasted them last night). Im obsessed. 

The third new item on the menu is the Nutella milkshake and hot chocolate. I tried the milkshake with cream and marshmallows on top and it was divine! 

Make sure to check out the menu while these amazing flavours are on offer! 

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This post is in collaboration with Stakks, I eat, you read!