Classic Christmas Panto

Something I always remember doing as a kid, is going to the panto with my famly right before Christmas. I haven't been in a long time and roughly the last time was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang a few years back. I'd taken myself for a date back in April ish time and seen a ballet on my own at the Mayflower, which was liberating and relaxing and really enjoyable. This time, me and some of the other bloggers went down to see the evening showing of 'Robin Hood' starring Eastendrs actors Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace (Kat and Alfie). This brought an immediate comedy element as the two as a pair are great acting together. The production was absolutely fantastic and the effort that has gone into the costumes and set is second to none. 

The 3D section of the play came in the second half and was definitely different. It added something extra, but for me it just didn't fit with classic panto. Maybe I'm just no longer a panto person! Overall I thought it was all good fun and made me finally feel a bit festive (and I was pretty much wearing a ballerina skirt as big as those on the stage!) but the funniest parts for me were the parts that felt more natural and tailored to our city. Its fun for all the family, and there are enough jokes to keep kids and parents entertained, so if panto is your thing then I'd say it's a great thing to do around Christmas time and into a few shows in January. 

Thanks Mayflower!!!

Book your tickets here: Robin Hood

Tickets were kindly gifted by the Mayflower Theatre for review purposes.