VERSACE REVIEW: Designer Sunglasses - Worth It Or Not?

I have sunglasses stuck to my face 24/7, literally even if it's nearly dark or raining. I like the fact they can hide who your looking at or cover more of your face so that random people don't talk to you. I have a lot of pairs, some designer and some not. But this new pair is one I waited for for about 7 months. Which is a flipping long time! 

I first saw these Versace Aviators in an Airport Duty Free shop on the way to work in Germany and tried them on. I was hooked, but unfortunately couldn't make a decision and left them thinking I'll find them later. I quickly found out they were sold out. EVERYWHERE. I couldn't find them online, on eBay, nothing. Just gone. 

I decided to call upon friends and sent one of my pals on the hunt when he dropped his friend to the airport, but to my dismay, he couldn't pass customs to get to the shop because he wasn't actually flying anywhere. Crapperoo. I then managed to find them again online somewhere and they came in stock very very briefly. I had the money ready, but I had a weird pang of guilt and then decided to pay off my credit card balance instead. And by the way.... the balance still remains NIL (go me woo hoo). 

I resigned to the fact that these glasses were never going to be mine, then out of the blue I was in West Quay and strolled over to The Sunglass Hut stand. I browsed and they asked me if I was looking for anything and I just said "oh just a completely sold out pair of glasses". You'll never guess what happened next. I showed them a photo and turns out they had sold a pair a couple of days before to another woman just as desperate as me. Gutted. Then the impossible happened. The lovely sales guy phoned another store or two and managed to find some! They were to be transferred to this branch and then they would be in my hands .......

I waited 7 months, watched them go in and out of stock, and when I finally got my hands on them in the store a few days later I bought them immediately. Was it impulse? Technically. But they were already mentally in my wardrobe anyway. 

I have so many pairs of cheap sunglasses and a few pricey ones too. So after all that were they worth it? The lenses aren't as dark as I'd like but that's not a massive issue it's just the style. The style is beautiful and they just look exceptional. They aren't too loose or too tight, but the handles only fold one way and are kind of thin. On the whole I love them and for £188, they are somewhere in-between high street and luxury. They are great if you want something fancy but cant afford Diors (mine were a present!). 

The Sunglass Hut benefits ..... 50% off a new pair if you break yours within 1 year, custom cleaning and adjustments and 30 days returns if the tag isn't cut off. Sounds great to me. 

This post is NOT sponsored and I paid full price for these, I just wanted to write about the challenges of getting some pairs and how I feel they compare to cheaper glasses! 

(I am on the mailing list and got an email TODAY 7th May when they came back in stock so if you want them seriously hurry up!!)