Ruby Birthday Crystals by Tresor Paris

Everyone has different ways of making themselves feel special. Be it shopping for new clothes or dining out, seeing friends or getting their hair done. For me? Something sparkly and meaningful. My birthday is pretty far away, but I have always loved the fact that it's in July. I get an equal time between Christmas and my big day as well as being able to plan things outside as it (should be) all sunny and warm, although we are in the UK so that one's not guaranteed....

Jewellery has always had a special place in my heart for being meaningful and having an attachment behind it. My mum bought me a ring when I finished my GCSE's, she also gave me a ring that was given to her by my father so probably my most sentimental piece. I got my first real diamond in the form of a necklace a couple of years ago, and now have my dream watch and these are the things I cherish and wear everyday. But is there a place for new jewellery in my heart?

I would be lying if I said there wasn't! I've never had anything to mark a birthday, and although it may not have been given to my near or on the actual date, I now have something that reminds me of that wonderful day I get to have my family and friends around me at such a precious time. My ears glisten with the Tresor Paris Ruby July earrings, in sterling silver. They are so dainty and absolutely minute, but give that little bit of sparkle and colour to not distract the attention too much. I normally wear such large (and sometimes OTT) earrings, so to have these more subtle but still feature hoops means I can go straight to these on an everyday basis or even if I want to dress it up.

Pair this with the stunning sterling silver Ruby Crystal Pave Ring and I've got a matching set to wear for any occasion. There is a myth that fine jewellery has to be saved for that one incredible day when you wear a ballgown to a party, but I honestly enjoy wearing it just to make me feel special on a normal day. I am a huge lover of rings and I love to mix and match them, decorate my fingers and stare at my hands when no one else is looking. This Ruby Crystal number sure catches attention, mine and that of others and I know it will become one of those I just reach for without thinking about it. 

What pieces are sentimental to you? I'd love to see them! 

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Images taken at the amazing Southampton Harbour Hotel by Emma as photographer.

*The jewellery was kindly gifted to me for the purpose of my review, but the views, images and words are all my own. This post also uses and affiliate link.