Prime Cut Steak Obsession: Cattle Steaks Review

*Sorry vegans/veggies, this one is not for you!*

Veganuary is almost over, so if you were trying it out for a month and are looking forward to a bit go meat then look no further. If you weren't keen on the plant based power-month then you can enjoy this too! 

Let's start with a little honesty .... I used to HATE steak! I had never had a good one, couldn't quite get to grips with it and really didn't understand how it was cooked or not cooked for some people. I was then persuaded about a year ago to try out a steak restaurant, and had it WELL DONE (I know feel free to scream at me but I was a rookie). 

Now since then, I've eaten steak in so many different restaurants, cooked all kinds of ways and have managed to now get my order down to medium/rare!! Considering I used to hate the sight of red in my meat this is a big difference and I can honestly say it is way more enjoyable the less cooked it is. However I still couldn't go blue and I'm really not a fan of the sight of blood......

I was invited down to try Cattle Steaks in Southampton so I grabbed my mum and went along. We started with cocktails, I had the Lynchburg Lemonade made with Whiskey and Lemonade, and my mum went for the Virgin Strawberry Mojito (designated driver).

We had AAALLL the cheese for starters with the Halloumi Bites and Mozzarella Sticks to share between us and they were super tasty. Seriously I don't think I could live without cheese at all!! The food came super fast and we basically got our mains straight after too! 

Of course for mains I went for a fillet steak. Simple, classic and the best way to enjoy a steak in my eyes. The steak was well rested and the meat was super tender. Hardly any fat and the taste was amazing, including the peppercorn sauce (although am I the only one that thinks there should be enough to drown it? MORE PLEASE!). I had mine with a side of mash, but for me this was a little dry, the first time I'd tried mash & steak combo. I think going ahead I will stick to fries and/or salad as my mums fries were incredible. 

The other meal on the table was the MAC Burger - with macaroni cheese fritters, melted cheese with homemade burger sauce and she even added turkey bacon to it. This definitely was the Mac Daddy!!! They have a good range of burgers too if you're not in a full steak kind of mood. 

We were so full from all of the food that we didn't have desert but as we know I sway more savoury anyways. 

There is actually a shisha bar attached to the back of the restaurant if that is your thing after a big meal, but me and mum weren't really into it. There aren't many dedicated steak restaurants in the centre of town so I would say this is up there on my list of Southampton centre steak joints. 

Thankyou so much to Cattle Steaks for having us and if you check it pout will you tell me what you think? I'd love to hear what cut of steak is your favourite and maybe I will try a different one next time.....

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