Pancake Day & Prosecco in 20 Seconds*

So if I am completely honest, I don't spend a huge amount of time at home relaxing. I tend to mainly be working from home, working somewhere else, at an event or at a meeting so my 'chill' vibes are extremely limited. 

I also don't have a particularly sweet tooth but I have and do always enjoy pancake day. I keep thinking that for breakfast I would love to have a pancake everyday with a glass of orange juice (or orange a champagne if I'm really pushing it ......) but the effort involved in making them from scratch just really puts me off. Especially when every minute I get to myself I prefer to be horizontal under a blanket rather than slaving away on food. 

This is why the M&S Fluffy Pancakes are a bit of a godsend. They are proper American style pancakes, with a sweet taste and a good thickness. You can also cook them for 3-4 minutes in a pan, or save all of the time and effort and make them in the microwave in 20 seconds!!

Yes the second option is for me, because then I stuff my face and pop another one in. M&S also have all of the toppings, including their zesty lemon juice, toffee sauce and maple syrup. I wish I could spend the time crafting the most beautiful pancakes with fruit and whipped cream and sauce, but I think that's one for a Sunday. Tonight I am just going to enjoy my Bucks Fizz (if I'm feeling like being good, as long as there's Prosecco in it) and cover my 20 second pancakes in as much sugar as possible. They also have the cute little raison ones that I will be popping in the toaster and slathering with butter each morning for a few days ......

How will you be enjoying your pancakes this year? 

*The pancakes and Prosecco were gifted but no post was required