Christmas Festive Activities in Southampton

And the festivities finally begin for me, way later than they ever should!

It's no secret that Winter/Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I wait for months to be able to put up my tree, cosy up with a blanket and a hot chocolate and wait for my electric blanket to heat up my bed. However this year I really haven't been that much in the spirit, maybe because of the election having such a big impact, the fact I work from home, or maybe just because the spirit hasn't so much alive this year. 

However...... I was lucky enough to enjoy one of the most festive and fun filled days I've ever had with Visit Southampton and really got a taste for it finally! There are so many great things to do over the Christmas period and we got a selection of them one after the other.

First we headed to The Artisan in Guildhall Square for some freshly cooked breakfast. They really do have a great menu, and many things I wanted to choose so I will make sure I go back. On a time schedule, I went for the Full English and it really was good, tasty sausages and really good bacon too! 

We then headed to the Nuffeild Southampton for what we thought was a showing of the usual Cinderella, but what we quickly learned is that is was a complete new twist on the classic story! The theatre is so beautiful and has displays of some gorgeous dresses for the CinderELLA theme. The also have a well stocked bar and restaurant with someone I know to be a great chef in there too. 

The play was a 50/50 for singing and speaking which made it very enjoyable to watch, and the ugly sisters were hilarious. They all played their own instruments and the storyline was easy to follow. The whole thing seriously exceeded my expectations and had me laughing constantly and even shedding a tear at one point. Would definitely recommend seeing that one!!

After the theatre we ran down to Revolution de Cuba for some festive themed lunch and we even got to make our own cocktails. They currently have a new Christmas cocktail menu with different options to the normal menu, so I strongly suggest you try some of them if you're out before the big day! This wasn't the first time I had made my own drinks (my ex was a bartender and I have actually been here on a cocktail masterclass before and stumbled out suitably drunk) so I was pretty nifty when it came to shaking it up.

The menu is always pretty healthy but feels like comfort food, so I went for the Chicken Burrito Bowl with Nachos, and I always love these. I've had it before and will continue to have it again as it's just so good!! We each got a hat and a maraca, and I continue to applaud Revs De Cuba for their atmosphere and authenticity.

Second to last on our list, we headed to my FAVOURITE activity of he day, ICE SKATING!!! I am such a nerd for skating and I loved it last year, so going back this year was so so so much fun. Having a couple of cocktails in my system, I was a lot more confident on the ice and I was flying around the rink by the end! It is one of my ultimate festive things to do and I always love the rink in Westquay. The hot chocolate we enjoyed in the Moguls Bar after was so delicious and indulgent. 

We finished off with some nibbles and another hot chocolate at the German Market, and once again my faith in festivities were confirmed!! The smell of the food and the songs of the performer and we were all suitable Chrismassed up!

It's safe to say my Christmas Spirit is well and truly restored for 2019 and I'm looking forward to the big day!! Thankyou so much to Visit Southampton and Go Southampton for such a wonderful day and I encourage you to go to ALL the places we did as I don't have a bad word to say about ANY of them! PLEASE go see the CinderELLA at NST as I will 100% be going back again, it was AMAZING!!

The Artisan:
Revolution De Cuba:
Ice Skating:
German Market:

*this was a gifted day for the purpose of the review and festive spirit!