Staying Motivated When Working From Home

So it's been roughly two months since we were all plunged into people WFH'ing, losing jobs or whole lives changing. But whatever your circumstances, if you've recently gone from a full time job to having to work from home, it can be quite a strange feeling. Luckily for me I have always pretty much worked from home. Aside from other smaller jobs, I've run my blog, my business and now two other businesses from the comfort of my living room. 

Over the years I have had down weeks, days where I procrastinate and just binge Real Housewives. But amongst that I've been productive, got my work done and eaten and exercised well. There is not secret to the success of not binging TV and laying in your PJ's all day, but we can do things to help us get in the right frame of mind, so here's my tips on staying motivated.

1) Have A Routine

I always set my alarm for the same time (even when I know I'm going to sleep in by 'accident') whether I have places to be or I'm just working from my home desk. It helps me keep my somewhat normal sleep pattern in check and also makes me feel like a 'normal' person with a routine. I always get up, have a shower and make a coffee, with time to get dressed and pop some makeup on I then feel like I'm 'up' and not just having a chill day.

2) Set Out Your Days

I used to just use to do lists, as long as my arm mostly! I then got into the habit of using my iPhone calendar to plan in meetings and outside event work. This helped me check on it constantly, but I realised I could use the same technique for all my to-do's. I now use my calendar app to plan hour by hour tasks so that I know exactly how long things will take and how much I can fit into my day. It also means that I can plan my week so I know when things will be done and stick to it!

3) Give Yourself A Lunch-break

The one thing I used to fail every time at was giving myself a break. I would then get really demotivated and stop working altogether. Now I make sure in my daily plan I leave time to get some food or pop to the shop to make sure my brain gets a little downtime. Trust me you'll thank me for it later!!

So there's my few but fail proof tips on making your day that little bit more structured! I hope you've all been keeping safe and well and let me know if you have any more tips for working from home!!

(Loungewear was gifted)