Keeping Up The Stories

Keeping up motivation and momentum can be hard when day to day, everything changes. One day you might feel like you can rule the world and the next it could feel like the entire universe is against you and sitting on your shoulder telling you how much of a failure you are. But Thats the funny thing about the big 'F' word. It can be used as your biggest strength....

I have become a great lover of podcasts and online presentations pretty much overnight, and the one that got me interested was one about using your failure as your story and your way to move forward, and it really kick started me into thinking I can actually do something again. It was by an entrepreneur called Alex Blumberg who runs a site that features a lot of podcasts on peoples business start up stories and other inspirational mechanisms. I enjoyed the idea of thinking that if something went really wrong that you could turn it into a funny story and keep going. Also, using these funny failures to make yourself and your business better, doesn't only spur me on to not be afraid of failing, but to embrace it and kind of see what I'm good at failing at, as in turn this would show me also what I am good at, right? 
Well thats my theory anyway, and whilst getting ready this morning I watched/listened to two more inspirational videos. I think this will be my new morning habit as I feel very different to how I did yesterday.
As much as I am trying to embrace the idea of failure as a mechanism, I also don't want to turn into a complete basket case so the drink you see above is a Mojito Mocktail with no alcohol, but still extremely tasty. If you like the look of it, hit up Ebb&Flow in Southampton (where they do real cocktails with actual alcohol in too) and try one for yourself. 

The video that got me hooked can be found here ......Alex Blumberg: Your Best Selling Points Are the Mistakes You’ve Made
Photos: Harrison Brooker
Cardigan: Andotherstories
Ebb&Flow Cafe, 104-108 Above Bar St, Southampton SO14 7DT,