One Girls Trash Is Another Girls Lips

There is such a stigma attached to buying clothes and accessories from charity shops, but I feel it's my way to give back without having to run 5K in sweltering heat ... or something like that. Anyway, here's what I bought. 
Fast fashion and throw away fashion are growing due to the amount of affordable clothing out there, especially online. But I always remember one of my favourite things to do with my mum was hunt car boot sales early on a Sunday morning to see what goodies we could find. Anything from a Playboy pencil case (ALL the rage a few years ago, trust me) to a new pair of funky jeans. Charity shops would be raided after school and on a Saturday afternoon and the fun of not knowing what you would find was all part and parcel of the 'one-mans-trash' mantra, and proved a healthy bonding time for a mother and daughter both passionate about fashion and retail. I still haven't lost the hunting gene and enjoy finding random things for my home and my wardrobe in these thrift and kind hearted stores, and the added bonus is that you know you're giving to charity without giving away your bank details! 
So while I was getting my nails done in my usual place (Nails 2 Nails, East Street) I spotted a large pair of shiny pink lips in the new British Red Cross shop across from the salon. Its safe to say I stared at the bag for around fifteen minutes while my newly bright orange nails were blow dried, and then happily hopped out of the chair and into the store. I went straight to the assistant and asked if the giant lips in the window were actually a bag and she politely rolled her eyes at my excitement and grabbed it out of the window. I opened and closed the zip as if to check that the bag actually worked (as you do) and put it straight on the counter and got out my purse. The assistant smiled and informed me this was a brand new H by Henry Holland bag and this added to my glee as I have loved his work ever since I met him at a museum in London when I was around 15 or 16.  
For me, I still get the same happiness if I buy something new or something pre-owned and this bag was no exception. I was also very happy it was a sunny day and waltzed around the park with my new bag like I ruled the world. There are so many great charity shops in Southampton, so if you spot one, don't be shy.