Prêt a Paris

There are some days when living in a city can feel a little overwhelming, and as a huge city girl, that’s a big statement. When everything gets a little too much and your local Starbucks is just a lot of noise, it’s nice to have somewhere to go that takes you away from everything, be it to read a book or just to work in a different atmosphere. 

After hunting a couple of thrift shops (doing my bit for charity) and picking up a few bargains, I decided to head down to a place that usually I couldn’t walk to.... France. Not actual France as you may have guessed, but the closest thing to it. Boulangerie Victor Hugo is a quaint little bistro on the High street of Southampton, but as soon as you walk in, it feels like you’re in the heart of Paris. The vintage French décor with dark wood and cosy brown leather chairs to sink into, the smell of freshly baked bread and the awakening smell of coffee all ensure you are safely transported to another place. It features a beautiful array of cakes that tempt you in (whilst also wondering how the French women stay so trim) and this time I go for a ‘Tartelette au Chocolat’ and a trusty Latte. Sure enough, after devouring the two whilst reading a new book I picked up earlier in my hunt, I feel as large as a hippo (no offence intended to hippo’s…) but as happy as I could be on a dull rainy day.
​The authenticity of the French family owned business and the attention to every detail, like how much cheese is evenly sprinkled on each lovingly handmade baguette, makes this a perfect place to procrastinate. I mean work of course…

If you ever get a chance, why not pass up your Pret for Paris? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised….

Boulangerie Victor Hugo, 50 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2NS