The Little Things

For someone who loves brands, it's quite unusual for me to find so many things I like in a store that is so mass market. Primark has never been one of my favourite brands but every now and again I spot something on the Instagram page that encourages me to give the store another go. Unfortunately although what I wanted wasn't actually in the Southampton branch, I found many more things I wasn't expecting to. I am in the process of (very) gradually redecorating my apartment, and rose gold patterned cushions added a touch of luxury to my sort-of-boring-colour-purple sofa. 

I always have sunglasses stuck to my face regardless of the weather, and it's probably due to some strange need to people watch without getting caught, so the essential need to have choices is a great as ever with the sunny weather coming in. Primark offer three beautiful alternatives to the famous Dior shades at a tiny fraction of the price, so of course I bought two pairs. I also picked up a more sparkly pair that I spotted for days when I need a little extra shine! The patterned bed sheets Primarni offer also aren't something I would have seen myself purchasing, but what self respecting girl wouldn't like pink elephants ... That’s what I thought! Plus I can write cute messages to myself on my mini unicorn chalkboard! So summer is hopefully on the way, and new black pumps are just as important as shades, which is why I was so happy they were a bargain at £5!!

I wouldn't say I'm a complete convert, but if you pick the right things, Primark can be a really exciting place! Make sure you check out the Southampton branch to pick up any of the items in this post!

(Sunglasses: £3 p/pair, Unicorn Chalkboard £4, Black Pointed Pumps: £5, Elephant Bedsheets £5, Cushions £7 each - All Primark, Southampton)
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