August Affordable Beauty Favourites

It's great to have products I use all the time because i know and love them, so here's my favourites at the moment!

I have never had the best skin, so I try to look after it as best as possible. Eating well and drinking enough water is probably the best natural way to have healthy skin and hair, and I try to drink a home-made smoothie every day with banana, ginger, carrot, lemon juice and orange juice. But it's still important to have good skincare, so my choice is the Yes To UK Grapefruit face wash. It smells great and always makes my skin feel well cleansed and free of leftover make up. I also love how all their products are natural as it makes me feel like I'm not putting any more bad stuff on my skin. 

Hair is always a tricky one for me as I have very curly and frizzy hair that i don't enjoy!! Recently I have had the Kerastraight smoothing hair treatment which has made it a lot easier to handle and has made a big difference. I was also given a great product from GHD Hair, The Heat Protection Spray that is used before straightening to protect and smooth the hair. This is now one of my definite favourites as it doesn't steam and doesn't leave my hair greasy, it also stops it feeling burnt as I tend to straighten my hair ... a lot!

After straightening i also like to use an oil to give it extra shine and a softer feel as well as giving it back some nourishment. My all time favourite and a product I've been using for roughly two years is the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. It has a really soft feel and makes my hair so amazingly shiny with such a healthy look, I really don't think ill ever stop using this product! 

What are your favourite products? Let me know if you have any recommendations for things I could try! 

Find the products here: 
Yes To Face Wash 
L'Oreal Hair Oil
GHD Heat Protection Spray