West Quay Summer Food Festival

A few of us local bloggers were invited down to try some of the food upstairs in West Quay for their Summer Food Fest! Here's what happened ....

On Tuesday 16th August, me and a few other local bloggers were invited to West Quay as part of their Summer Food Festival to try out some of the cuisine offered in the centre. We tried three different places for a three course meal (more than i would normally eat but yay food). It was a lovely sunny evening, perfect lighting to take some photos of course!

Course 1: We started off at Nandos, a place i've been many times but actually never ordered a starter. The chicken wings were very nice and i ate the 'Hot' ones as all the other girls were wimps. There was also some classic garlic bread which tasted great and of course the famous halloumi cheese that got snapped up very fast! I am a new lover of olives so they also disappeared pretty quickly. We chatted about all of our news including my business being registered as a company, Alice's engagement, Brogans fun job at Jimmys Iced Coffee, Sams house moving and Rosies expert skills at spotting things on the floor!

Course 2: We then headed to a table at the Handmade Burger Company, which I had only been to once before. We all ordered a variety of food and I went for the avocado and bacon beef burger because, did you know that adding avocado to a burger helps reverse the effect it has on your blood flow? Nope. Bet you didn't know that! Although all of Brogans viewers may do very soon.... (caught on camera) whoops! The burger was really good and we enjoyed sides of sweet potato, rosemary and spicy fries too. Although I couldn't finish my huge sized (average sized I'm just a wimp) burger, I'm only little! 

Course 3: For the final sweet course we headed down to Snog, the cute frozen yoghurt place with the coolest toppings to choose from. I opted for the milk chocolate yoghurt with white chocolate shavings, strawberries (yum) and a few gummy bears! It was so so so nice but very cold!! Perfect for the summer afternoons when you need something sweet but don't want to feel bloated. 

We all had such an amazing time and it was lovely to spend a girly evening chatting about blogs and life and of course food! Thankyou so much to West Quay, and there is still lots more fun in their Summer Food Fest so why not head down and check out what offers they have on each day! 
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*Complimentary food in collaboration with West Quay)