My Yoga Diaries No.2

I felt a lot more comfortable this time in my second Yoga class and some of the stretches changed! Here's my second experience....
So this time round I was a little more prepared for the class, and knew where i had to be and what equipment i needed so when in the room I quickly grabbed everything I needed and resumed a spot in the same space as last time. I recognised some of the other women from the other class so felt comfortable this time. We started off with some of the same positions and stretches as my first class and i was able to keep my eyes closed for them this time as I sort of knew what I was doing! Then we went into some different poses that were more challenging and did stretch more, which I really liked. I clicked a lot so I'm thinking it's doing me some god to stretch out the stresses of everyday life!
We then went into Yoga Nidra, which was very much enjoyable. It is the relaxation part of the class where you concentrate on different parts of your body and learn to feel them all and be aware of it, all without falling asleep to the soothing music and voice of the teacher! I felt a lot better after this class and I knew i relaxed more, so hopefully as time goes on i won't feel nervous at all!!
I really like this class and maybe soon i'll explore a different one too, but the moves change weekly I'm assuming so it will be different each time!
I also couldn't take any photos in there, so Ive grabbed a shot from a health magazine to show you one of the stretches we did in class!!

Have a good weekend :)