The White Star Tavern, Oxford Street

My favourite street in Southampton is Oxford Street, boasting amazing bars and restaurants. I love having a drink at The White Star Tavern, but haven't eaten there in a while so i thought I'd pop in for some food and a date with my beautiful mum.

Okay so this one deserved a lot of photos incase you didn't notice!! Me and my mum got all dressed up and went for a lovely Friday night meal at The White Star Tavern. I love the calm atmosphere in their restaurant, and it's so cosy. We enjoyed a bottle of the house Rosé wine to start off with and had a good old catch up. It took us a while to work out what to order as there were so many nice dishes. We are both pretty healthy eaters and sometimes struggle to find things we like but there was so much on offer on this menu we had too much choice!

For starters we had the Grilled Asparagus with black garlic sauce. It was topped with fine potato and parmesan shavings that had a lovely oaky taste, perfect for the September weather as it's getting slightly colder. This was a great starter as it wasn't too filling and was perfect to share. 

Our mains were the most beautifully presented food I think I've ever eaten! The time and care that went into the meals was amazing and I didn't want to touch it as it looked too good. I had the Pork Tenderloin wrapped in Pancetta with Braised Pork Bely, Sweet Potato Puree, Spring Onions, Walnut Salsa and Peach and Vanilla Sauce! It sounds a lot but trust me, all the flavours work perfectly together and I completely finished the plate very quickly! My mum had the Maple Roast Duck Breast with Heritage Carrots Pickled & Roasted, Chopped Hazelnuts, Beer Glaze and Duck Jus. I didn't get to try any of hers as she wouldn't let me, she wanted all of it to herself which can't be a bad sign! It looked and smelt divine, so I'll definitely be trying this dish soon! 

Now onto desert, where our chins literally dropped at how beautiful it looked. We chose the White Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry Terrine with Stem Ginger Crumble, Macerated Strawberries, Honeycomb and Strawberry Sorbe. I'm not normally a desert person and prefer savoury food, but this was just incredible! We were hooked after the first bite. We ate it so fast and enjoyed every bit, and the honeycomb's were my favourite part. I wish they sold them in little bags! 

I also got to chat to the head chef Matt, who told me about all the cooks and how they love to present the food in amazing ways. I thanked him for giving me and my mum the 'roll factor' after eating so much great food. Here's the team:
Stuart Charles Pothecary, responsible for garnish.
Carrie White, sous chef, responsible for meat, fish and sauce.
Matt Noonan, head chef, responsible for all desserts and pastry. 
Callum Stubbs, responsible for starters. 

You can follow Matt on Instagram here for some glorious photos of the food:

Thankyou so much to The White Star for having me and my mum for dinner and we had such a lovely evening!!!
Complimentary meal in collaboration with The White Star Tavern

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