Bombay Sapphire - Where Does It All Start?

My Uncle had come over from St. Lucia and me, him and my mum wanted to go somewhere fun for the day, so she invited us to the Bombay Sapphire Distillery in Laverstoke Mill. I am a huge fan of this gin so this sounded like a great way to get to know more about the drink i love so much, and it was also such a beautiful and scenic place. 

With thousands of years worth of history behind it, this beautiful old Paper Mill turned Gin Distillery has such a quaint and creative atmosphere the moment you get to the entrance. We were given a map for the areas, that also had an electronic chip in the back, so that when you got to checkpoints you could hold the chip to a speaker and it would give you more facts about the part of the distillery you were in. The huge glass houses are where they keep the plants and the berries that go in to make the specially formed gin, like mini rain forests in a greenhouse! 
In another building, were the different ingredients in smelly form, when you would go and choose which ones you liked by lifting the lid and taking a big whiff! You could then punch out the holes in your map of the flavours you liked and they would recommend a cocktail at the bar at the end of the visit based on your preferences. It was very hard to pick just a few, some of the jars smelt funny and some smelt like candles.  After the smell test, we were then shown the two tanks that were originally used to distill the gin, and they still produce some of it today. We were told about how they produce pretty much every drop of the Bombay Sapphire gin sold in the world in this distillery in the UK, and that no drop is wasted as the residue can be used for other purposes like hand gel . They are very environmentally friendly and have won awards for their sustainable nature, which all in all makes me feel really great about drinking even, more, GIN! 
If you're looking for a nice day out thats something different then this really is a cool place to go. Plus you get a free cocktail and a browse in the gift shop at the end, and who doesn't love cocktails and shopping! 

Visit their website here for more information!