Cinderellas Dream, Scarpini Show Boutique

Shoes are obviously one of my favourite things, as most girlies would agree. They can change your whole outfit and even make you walk a step taller, so I'm convinced Cinderella got her shoes from Scarpini because it's just the boutique of dreams! 

It has been said before that if you give a girl the right pair of shoes, then she can conquer the world. And I really do think there's a huge element of truth in that. The right pair of shoes can empower your and make your day that little bit brighter. I try to wear heels everyday but I've been lacking a bit recently due to having to run to so many places all the time, i waste half my day taking the heels on and off so i gave up for a while. And i really do think it altered my mood, i felt less of a Girlboss and more like a Girl-running-around-headless. With that said, maybe its time soon i invested in a new pair of shoes to lift my femtrepreneur spirits back up, and what better place to look that designer boutique Scarpini, in Bedford Place. 
Now i won't lie to you, the shoes aren't cheap, but then what pair of comfortable shoes are! I was straight away enticed by some beautiful Hogl black heeled sneakers, which are actually perfect for solving my running around problem. Sneakers and heels in one! They were so comfy and i really didn't want to take them of but I had to as i was so scared id spill my cake or champagne on the (first world problems yah yah..) so i had to give them back. But i definitely think i'll be back for those at some point. I work so hard and i should be able to treat myself sometimes! Although thats hard when you and your cat need to eat (now i sound like a Bridget Jones style singleton...). 

Anyway, I think if you love shoes and want some new beauties.... you should definitely check them out. 
Here's the link to the cutie booties i loved (hint) .... ​
And here's their Instagram ... @scarpini_shoes
I hope you find the pair of your dreams!

Event in collaboration with Scarpini Shoes