ASOS Insight Evening - Everything Digital

ASOS are well known for their unique online engagement with 11m active customers, and creating the best online experience for every single one. So how do they do it? And what's their next move? I went up to ASOS HQ to find out!

As one of the forefront brands in online marketing and a constantly forward thinking business, ASOS have managed to secure their place in the fashion industry by creating a site that boasts 11 million customers and a following of over 5 million on one Instagram account alone. They held their first ever insights evening at HQ inviting students and young professionals to enjoy a presentation from some of the ASOS digital team, ask questions and speak to some of them after. The panel talked about everything digital including CRM, Email marketing, how they work out what their customer wants, and menswear posts, as well as a bit on how they work with affiliate programmes. An interesting part for me was listening to how they use tech to see where you last visited online before going to purchase on the site, meaning the affiliate programmes work really well because they fully understand where the traffic to the site is coming from. They also use your email address to find out what you like and little things about you to enhance the customer experience when you're online. I think it's spooky but very clever, as everyone wants to feel cared about, and although it might seem strange that brands can know those kind of things about you, it also means that the personalised experience is unique to each and every one of us and i think that is vital in a competitive market now online and offline. 

I also liked the try hard,  fail fast, move on aspect of the business where they are open to trying out all new ways to market to their customer, even if it fails, just so they can learn what does and doesn't work. A lot of brands are scared to try new things and I think they may fall behind ASOS in this aspect because you never know what the next big thing will be and ASOS just might get there before you!! 

All in all it was a great evening with lots of helpful information to take in, so thank you ASOS!