The Perfect Christmas Party Outfit

Lillybom is one of the newest online brands and party organisers to come out of Southampton, so see what happened when i went to one of the first clothes parties in Pitcher and Piano in Ocean Village.....

It's coming up to that time at christmas where nobody knows what to wear for the dreaded staff party or the annual Christmas meal out where the boss embarrasses him or herself and the staff sill all their secrets. Well that's where Lillybom are here to help out! I first found this brand through Instagram, and quickly realised they had amazing clothes that weren't to expensive. The next great party of this is that they actually throw clothes parties! So you can go and try on the clothes, have a glass of wine and get styling advice from the Lillybom girls (who are super helpful and pretty). I've picked out my favourite party dresses for this next month of cheesy parties.

​1. The Grey Sequin Dress - This one if definitely for the nights out of the Christmas parties. This dress will have all the boys swooning at your feet and wanting to be on your Christmas list. Not too festive it offends any scrooges but still with an element of xmas sparkle to make sure you look the belle of the ball. (And it's also in the sale! What other excuse do we need!)

2. The Sparkly Black Number - Now if you're lucky enough to work somewhere that has such a suave 'do' you need black tie, then try this one for size. It's not as conservative as one might expect for a black tie event but it will certainly turn those heads. It also has that added allure with the mesh sleeves. Keep them keen whilst not showing off too much!

3. The Sophisticated Lace - Going out for awkward meals sat next to Susie from accounting whom you don't really talk to but happen to see once a week in the corridor is the general gist of the xmas do, where you drink too many cocktails and hide from Susie the next week after telling her who your office crush is. Even though you might have said a thing or two you didn't mean two, you can still rock it out in this Sophisticated Black and Nude lace dress. We think anyone can forget an awkward confession with a dress like this!

So hopefully this helped you to try and pick out the perfect dress, and if you haven't already seen Lillybom or been to one of their parties then check out their website and Instagram below!