The Penthouse Is Mine, I Just Don't Have The Keys Yet.

Visualisation. Its not stupid and it's not silly, it works and it's real. If you know where you want to be or even if you just know what you want then living this in your head is guaranteed to help you get there. No successful person ever thought they would end up where they are for the rest of their life. As the great Jim Carrey said in 1997......
"I do have these things, they're out there, I just don't have hold of them yet" - Jim Carrey

So I am someone who likes to plan and think and dream and I constantly talk about the cars I want and the Penthouse I want to live in and the designer filled wardrobe I will eventually have to the point that people literally ignore me because right now its such a far cry from my life. But this is exactly what keeps me going. On my way to work everyday I have to go past my dream apartment on the bus. The bus that I hate, but the sight makes it a little better. The dream that someday instead of taking the bus looking at the apartment, i'll be in the apartment looking at the bus I used to get is inspiring. It might sound silly now because I'm only 22, a recent graduate and about £650,000 short of the asking price. But somehow seeing it makes me feel better. 

Seriously though what is there to stop you? If you want something so badly you have to see yourself living that way and the more you believe it the more your subconscious will enable you to go in that direction. If you want to sit outside your dream house to inspire you then do so, if you want to look at prices for your dream yacht then fuck it spend an hour on eBay. As long as you believe it you will do it. Now don't get me wrong it won't just appear, you have to work hard, but if the things you dream are worth it then the work doesn't seem so hard because your end goal is always in mind.

I have an image in my head of a photo i will take of myself in my dream apartment and i think of this nearly every day. So keep your eyes peeled for the photo, because I'm not giving up.