Drinking Rum, Cocktail Masterclass with Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay are well know for their great tasting cocktails, but i'd never known how to make them or any info on the inspiration behind their drinks. We were all gathered at SotonBloggers and a few more, to try out some of the drinks and learn how to make a few as well as try some of the delicious starters. The host was a delight of excitement and kept us super entertained! He had so much energy! He told us all about the different rums they use in the cocktails and showed us a selection of the many, we even got to try some. The orange flavoured one from Venezuela (Santa Touriso) was very nice and tasted like a Terrys chocolate orange minus the chocolate and really alcoholic , but quickly overshadowed (i mean burned my tastebuds) with the Wray & Nephews! Which incase you're wondering is actually used for fire breathing too .....

We also tried the Koko Kanu Rum that has a coconut flavour and this was really nice, used in the sex on the beach and pina colada cocktails. The Blackwell rum was cinnamon and vanilla flavour and goes in the TB twist of a Mojito. 

Making the cocktails was super fun too, although i opted not to make one as i know how clumsy i am and would probably end up pouring the whole thing down myself! The names for all the bar equipment kept us entertained and we got to try each one of the drinks made using the rums we had just learned about. A few platters of food were shared out between us after to soak up all the yummy cocktails and it really was an enjoyable night. 

Hopefully soon these experience days will be available to book for you and your friends! In the mean time though, why not try out a cocktail and let me know which one was your favourite in the comments!  

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Event and cocktail knowledge c/o Turtle Bay Uk