The Simplest Decoration You'll Ever Do

 So i'm a big lover of interior design and I could genuinely spend days scrolling through Pinterest boards or hours in Ikea gathering inspiration and fake-cooking in the dreamy kitchens. But when it actually comes down to it, i'd much rather have someone else do all the hard work. When i first moved into my apartment, I had to have everything plastered and painted white. So I started painting and trust me after one wall i regretted my decision. After two weeks and a few meltdowns later, my walls were pristine white, but it's not something i saw myself doing again. I'd kind of given up on the idea of decorating myself until I came across a really cool brand called Pixers. I found them on a friends Instagram and loved how the wall looked so had a snoop. Turns out they make covering walls so much easier! Their vinyl designs are made to the size of your wall or an are you want to cover, and just as simple as it sounds .... you stick them up! I chose the white wood effect wall mural for my bedroom as i thought it added to the 'Luxe-Chic' look I wanted, as well as making it a little more warm and cosy. I sent them my measurement and the prints were ready in double quick time. 

They arrived in a tube container and inside were protected by brown wrapping paper, three long sheets rolled up in total. As I'm already a bit of a DIY disaster, I enlisted the help of my grandad to have an extra two hands for the job. We removed the shelf, moved my bed and laid out the sheets ready to be applied. It was as simple as lining it up to the wall and peeling off the backing, making smooth movements while sticking it to the wall. And the great thing is, if you mess up or need to re-align, it stays sticky enough to adjust it a couple of times too. Moving along the wall was easy and i held the paper while my grandad made sure everything was in line. It took us all of 30 MINUTES to complete the whole wall (not including my room rearranging time of course) and was honestly the most simple decorating I've ever done.

No mess, no fuss, just simple!


  • Lay out the sheets before applying any, to make sure they are in the right order and will fit together perfectly
  • Get someone to help you to make to make sure you can line them up properly and avoid any bubbles
  • OVER measure your wall. My actual wall was wonky so a little extra could have helped and then I would have cut away the extra edges
  • Make sure it doesn't stick to itself, this is hard to rectify! (Especially with false nails) 
  • Be prepared to love your walls again! :D

Pixers can also create stickers to cover your furniture too, so if there's a chest of drawers you've been meaning to up-cycle then why not order some cool graphics and give it a go?

​Take a look at all of their available wall murals and stickers here:

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(I will also be posting a video very soon of how easy the application is, so that will be up in the new year!)

This post is in collaboration with Pixers, to help jazz up my apartment!