She Text Me First

In this generation and world of technology and whimsical decisions, it's particularly difficult to date. Men are also in my opinion more shy than how ever many years ago, because us women aren't afraid to shout 'go away you ugly mug' and that might have backfired on us to a global scale. But don't be scared to make the first move either .... 

Why you shouldn’t be scared to message guys first.

So I know in this day and age for a girl to make the first move is pretty frowned upon, or more gasped at by other women. But isn’t it time we all cut the crap and just got on with our lives? I mean seriously, like who needs to go all Blair Waldorf to get a guy these days, and if you do, is he even worth having? What’s the point in playing all these ‘he text after 3 minutes so ill leave it 4 before I reply’ games. I mean that’s just exhausting at the best of times let alone when you have to keep it up. I’ve been the most unlucky person in love ever, and maybe that’s karma getting me back for being a bit shitty in love a few years ago (which I have completely grown out of I might add), but either way, I’m not shy to tell someone directly. If I want to say hi to you I will, and if you don’t want to reply or carry on conversation then that’s fine, there’s nothing lost, we haven’t wasted any small-talk (which is thumb-numbingly boring anyway). Asking guys out on dates is a whole different matter and I’m still quite traditional about the fact that a man should plan something enjoyable that’s kind of romantic, as it shows some effort has been put into and there’s thought behind it. But seriously if you see a hot guy in a bar, literally just say hi. Or if you’re like me and you don’t really get out much, then message that hot guy on Instagram, especially if he’s liked your photos. You never know whom you’ll meet.
Obviously I’m not condoning speaking to strange people, but c’mon we’re all adults here. If you look, talk, stare or breathe like a psychopath might in my imagination, then I’m sorry buddy but you ain’t getting a reply or message in the first place.

Go gettem girls.