5 Things I Do To Relax And Chill Out

Everyone likes to relax in different ways and it can be hard to really chill out when we are all so busy these days. Here I'm sharing my favourite things to do to chill out and how I like to unwind after a busy day. 

I have always been a very busy person and i like to keep myself and active and doing something each day. Don't get me wrong i do love a lazy day every now and then in front of the sofa watching Netflix or Sex and The City all day, but too much of that and i start to loose my mind! I am very creative and my head is always spilling over with ideas of things i want to do so it will come as no surprise that it's pretty hard for me to wind down. Here's my 5 favourite ways to chill out after a hectic day. 

1. Warm Natural Drinks
So this sounds like a funny heading but there are actually a few different things that could come under it. When i worked in a store a few years back, one of the other girls who i looked up to at the time, was really into herbal teas and always had one with her in a flask. I asked her to explain what the fuss was about and she then started telling me all about the health benefits of each tea. Peppermint/Mint helps your stomach and digestion, Camomile helps you relax and so many other ones i can't even remember! I went to Asda right away and bought boxes and havent looked back. If i've had a heavy meal then a cup or two of warm peppermint makes me feel so much better. Mostly i drink cups of ordinary english tea too, but my other favourite is Lemon slices in hot water. Honestly ... this can cure anything! Like literally anything! (Well you know what i mean). Its great for chilling out, its amazing for hydration and digestion and best of all its as natural as you can get. Just fruit slices and water! Give it a try.

2. Mood Lighting
I like to be in bright places during the day because i have a short attention span and if anything is slightly home-y then chances are i'll take an involuntary nap halfway through the day. But when i get home there's nothing better than turning off all the main lights and putting on a couple of lamps and candles. I recently bought a copper floor standing lamp for my living room and I love the orangey cosy light it has, perfect for curling up with a hot drink and some TV. Candles also set the scene really well and they make my home smell awesome so i will always always have a candle burning unless im ot of the house. One of my newest favourites is the amazing Ico candle by Feltan who may soy wax candles! Great for the environment, all natural and a perfect minimal design to go with pretty much any home. I love the modern design and this candle smells like cinnamon so seriously makes my apartment feel festive. It also makes this cool sound when the candle burns, kind of like a flickering sound which is also relaxing. 

3. Cooking
I'm a big lover of healthy eating, so takeaways and fast food don't really appeal to me when im at home. Cooking feels like therapy when i'm in the kitchen chopping and stirring and smelling all the delicious natural foods. I love anything that's made from scratch and my favourite things to make include a tomato and coconut chicken curry, spaghetti bolognese (with a twist) and mexican chicken with veg. It makes the house smell great as the food is all fresh and I don't feel as bad if i eat more food than i meant to!

4. Reading Magazines/Blogs
I love reading and at very young age I realised how much I loved books, but it's hard to find the time to really get stuck into a good book now with work and cleaning and cooking and all the other things us adults have to do! I am trying to find the time to read more now as there is a huge stack of exciting books under my bed that all look so good, I need to get through them! One of the best and most enjoyable books i've read recently that i literally could not put down was the Zoella Girl Online book. My little sister let me borrow hers and i absolutely loved it! It's so fun and the story is adorable, really a cute book to read for an escape. Now i need to buy the others and get through those too! 

5. Having A Bath
What are your favourite ways to relax? Maybe there's something I haven't tried yet that I need to know about!

I think this is one that is widely appreciated as a really good chill out technique, but a warm steamy bath will always be one of the best ways to relax. A nice cup of tea or glass of wine or prosecco in the bath is the perfect chill out. Ill normally have a candle or two in there with me as well and some chill out music or the newest album i'm loving. I love buying bath salts and going with the natural theme, putting some green tea bags in there while the water is running! Taking them out before I get in of course. It makes the bath a funny green colour but it's really good for your skin and also doesn't have ant nasties in.