The Great Wall Of China Sucks, Build Your Own.

Okay so the Great Wall of China doesn't suck, maybe that was a little strong. But too often physical things can get torn down, and it's whats inside that can really keep you going. If something breaks you throw it away or fix it but you can't throw yourself away, so your only option is to fix. This is why your wall is way more important.....
I am in no way a preacher, but i love anything inspirational, and you know why? Because it all adds up. You might watch a viral video now and forget about it in 5 minutes, but in 10 years time you could remember that one thing you watched on that video on Facebook and realise that you've been inheriting the knowledge to get you where you are all along. There are things I call bricks in life, and these can be anything from a new job, to an inspirational quote or even a new pair of shoes. Each thing adds up and adds something to your person.

Think about some things in your life that have happened that you can pinpoint, possibly learning a new skill that got you a new job or a quote you read that made you feel ready to take on anything that day. That's your brick. Now think of the little things, the mini bricks, like someone smiling randomly at you or holding the door. Or maybe even learning a phrase in a new language you never thought you'd need but suddenly you're in the middle of Germany telling people phrases you know in Dutch (yes that was me a few weeks ago!) and making friends because of it.

These are all the little things that make up you as a person and don't ever think that anything is insignificant, EVER! I've done so many things that if I wrote my true life CV it would be a novel, and they all make up me as a person. Every conversation or encounter, every experience everything i read or watch or see is all a little brick that builds up my wall. Now this invisible wall inside might get knocks or cracks or even fall down time to time, but it is the one thing that you have that will never leave you, so keep building. Eventually your wall will be so big and so strong that the little knock backs won't hurt you as much as they did before. The big ones might still hurt but you know you've rebuilt it before so why not do it again? Because you can. You can do anything you want and your wall will protect you.

And i beg you, please do