Billy, What The Hell Is Wrong With Wearing a Dress?

There haven't been many times I've been caught emotional at a theatre, but this was one to go in the record books. As an award winning show, bringing smiles and tears for over 11 years, it was about time I headed down to the Mayflower to watch Billy Elliot the Musical. And boy I was not disappointed. This show, from start to finish was the perfect mix of hilarity, sadness, pride and dancing. The story of Billy, a young boy obsessed with ballet and an un supporting father pulls at any heartstrings hiding away. 

The dancing was incredible, with my favourite being a duo between young Billy and an older male. I won't spoil the surprise but that routine was flying, by my books. The music was perfectly matched to each scene with me bopping my head in my seat and I really really got into the storyline. This is the only show I have ever been to that got a standing ovation from pretty much every single person in the audience. An amazing eruption of clapping and wooing and from me? Tears. I always seem to cry at the happy bits and not at the sad bits. I wish I could have taken my mum with me, but there's nothing wrong with seeing it twice, right? Thank you so much to the Mayflower for such an amazing night. The show is on all the way until the 4th of March in Southampton so please, if you spend anything on fun this month, let it be tickets to Billy Elliot. Book here: