Just Like Home

Everybody loves the cinema. It's those couple of hours you really can just chill out and be transported into another world. You're forced to turn your phone off (no matter how anxiety inducing this can be) and just enjoy the film, and personally I love it. But the only thing that gets me is the seats. They are literally so uncomfortable I can feel my toes up my butt after a 2 hour long film and my knees have seized so much I'm like tin-man trying to walk out of the building. 

Thats where Showcase De Lux Cinema has really blown me away. For starters, it's decor is so impressive it looks more like a hotel than a cinema. And secondly the seats are just something else. Each one reclines, the top two tiers have tables attached and the lower ones at the front are basically sofas. It's like a little home from home except there's no distractions and obviously the screen is like 4927355 bigger than mine. I of course spent about 15 minutes playing with the squeaky new chairs (wouldn't advise, it's better just to laugh at everyone else and not make yourself sea sick) and eventually settled down, fully reclined and basically laying on my side. I might as well have been watching in bed. 

On the VIP night I got to watch John Wick 2 (and having not seen the first one I was worried I wouldn't get it) but Keanu Reeves did not disappoint. I was so comfy, the film was awesome and what's better is that I got to meet the life-size Lego Batman and Bat Girl! 

Thank you so much Showcase Cinema for having me and it really is THE comfiest cinema I've ever been in. Now I just need one of those cards where you pay monthly for films and i'll basically never be home ......

This post was in collaboration with Showcase Cinemas, invite given for the purpose of the review ( but I went back to see another film so that shows how good it was!)