Making Caipirinha Cocktails at Cabana

I have only had a few goes at making a proper cocktail in my time, and this was another one of those times. Brazilian Street Food Restaurant Cabana has just opened up it's own little carnival in the new West Quay complex and they have made quite an impression. As well as seeing friends posting Facebook and Instagram pictures of their food (as per) I got to experience it first had. I was greeted warmly by Lizzie, head of marketing and one of Cabanas founders, David. They quickly grabbed me a Strawberry Caipirinha that tasted divine especially after a long day at work, and we talked about the restaurant and the food and how there is so much influence from Brazil. David and his co-founder Jamie both visit Brazil numerous times and wanted to recreate the food over here for the British to enjoy. 

"Finally, there’s the unmistakably Brasilian outlook: ‘tudo bem’, meaning ‘everything’s good’, is a spirit that’s in everyone’s heart, whatever cards you’ve been dealt."

We all met in one corner of the vibrant restaurant and then the starters came out! Corn chips with freshly made Guacamole and Char grilled pita bread with sweet potato humous. There was also the famous Malagueta sauce, that I dipped my bread in and it was wonderful! 

We were then taken over to the bar to make our own caipirinha for the chance to win a prize. We mixed lime, sugar ice and Cachaça and I decided to stir mine instead of shaking it with the glass as I am literally way to clumsy for that. I thought it tasted pretty good! I didn't know what they were supposed to taste like though ..... unfortunately I didn't win but we all had a great time creating and drinking them (and don't try telling me it's not the winning that counts because that's for losers). 

David showed us some bracelets that are a tradition and you have to get someone else to tie it for you and make three knots with three wishes and when the bracelet snaps, the wishes come true. At least I think that's how it went anyway! I loved the vibe there and it was so chilled out. Unfortunately because I'm the loser that doesn't drive, I had to leave early to get my last bus, but I will be going back soon to try the food and give you a taste of that too!!

And don't worry if you order a Caipirinha it won't be made by me, it will be done by the professionals. So drink up!!

Find the Cabana website here: 
Find their Instagram here: @CabanaBrazil

This post was in collaboration with Cabana through and invite bloggers event, thanks Cabana!!