Making Habits for a Healthier Me


Fitness has always been something that's really important to me, mentally and physically. It's one of the only things that got me through the last year of my degree, knowing that after I left the library being sat down for hours, I could go to the gym and run until I couldn't feel my legs any longer.

In keeping with the fact it helps me to destress, it also goes hand in hand with generally feeling better. The more I work out, the less of an impulse I feel to stuff myself with unhealthy food, instead opting to make healthy smoothies at home and cooking balanced dinners that fill me up but don't send me into a lard-coma. Give me a beetroot and berry smoothie any day!

I've learnt a lot more about my self confidence whilst being in the gym, especially with knowing what exercises to do and getting into a small routine. The worst thing for me is when I end up standing next to the weights because I've forgotten my exercises and then leave almost in tears because I'm anxious everyones staring at me! Luckily though, I have now had 3 personal training sessions with the amazing Leah at Virgin Active and she's passed on invaluable knowledge that will allow me to go back and feel confident I know my way around.

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, and I know this might sound ridiculous but I think it's true. After 21 days of regular exercise and dragging my (now much peachier bum) out of bed and pushing myself to my limits over and over, I've seen a change in my body and I feel stronger. If there's any motivation for going to the gym it's definitely seeing a change in yourself. So why not try it? Just for a month even. You have my word you'll be addicted. 

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