My Beauty Picks For February 2017

By no means was I ever a 'girly-girl' at school or even through college. I remember when I started wearing make up around the age of 15 and had no clue what I was doing. Foundation was a blotchy mess and blue eyeshadow was all the rage. Now I am (mostly) aware of how to style my face and sometimes my hair, on a good day. I have even ventured into the scary world of beauty regimes and products with funny names and long descriptions. And to take it that little bit further... I had my lips done too, that filler malarky everyone goes on about, and you can read about that Here. I have chosen my favourite products randomly picked up so far this year that I am really loving.

First up is the Nip & Fab De-Stress Blend body lotion, something I had seen on a trip to get my sisters Christmas present from Sallys in Southampton. It was on one of the stands by the till (of course I got sucked in by product placement) and initially it baffled me with all of the words and French writing on the back, but the words 'De-Stress' really jumped out at me. Since using the lotion at night time, it helps create the perfect bedtime relaxation routine. Slathering on the sandalwood, orange blossom and frankincense lotion whist drinking a detox tea next to a few burning candles, creates the best downtime. In a world where we are constantly connected, it's the best way to take 15 minutes out to yourself. 

Even though I am way beyond the age for a stocking, I still fully believe in the magic of Christmas and my mum gives me and my sister one every year. This time around, inside was this sparkly bottle of cranberry goodness from the Body Shop. A glittery shower gel that smells the absolute fruitiest. (Unfortunately all sold out but you can pick up the body butter and lip balm Here). Sticking with the shower theme, as you probably know I'm obsessed with the Zoella ranges and pretty much bought it all in the January sales so it will come as no surprise that one of my faves is the Ginger Bread shower glaze. It just feels like I'm washing myself in cookies and what more could you want in the morning?!

I also decided to pick up some charcoal and mint body scrub in little sachets from TkMaxx, as I absolutely get lost in that shop. I could walk in for a handbag and come out with a suitcase, mens jumpers, leotards and green pasta. This body scrub is also extremely relaxing and exfoliating must be one of my favourite ways to clean my skin. It just always feels like it's working and my skin always feels so soft afterwards. 
Primark have also really upped their game when it comes to beauty and toiletries. These cute little hand creams are great as they are pocket sized, which is handy because you won't catch me anywhere without a tube of h-cream! Dry hands - I'm not about that life. 

So there you have it! My picks for February and the things I'll continue to use for this month whilst hunting for more unique bits! I have popped a shoppable widget down below and if I couldn't find the exact product, I've put in something similar!