The Modern World Of Valentines

Any one who knows me will know that I really do not enjoy Valentines Day at all. It is the complete opposite of ever way I like to be or already am. Forced love and affection and appreciation in the way of cards and tacky gifts, what about the other 364 days where all this is forgotten about?

That’s why I go through life enjoying men but not expecting men to fill you up, except when, they fill you up.” – Samantha Jones, SATC.

I've always had an extremely bad luck with dating, especially when it comes to holidays and so called 'special days'. Having been stood up and dumped more times than I can even remember, I think i finally decided to just give up and marry my work. This has given me the strength to know that whatever happens, and whoever comes in or out of my life, I will always have the one thing I can depend on the most - myself. 

Even without allowing myself to be brought down by all of these men, it's still possible for me to feel sexy just for myself, but dancing around my kitchen to some SIA song in my underwear or drinking wine and watching girly chick flicks, there's always a way to make it fun without a man. Lucky for me, VienneMilano have the most beautiful stockings, something I can truly dance around in feel like I'm the heroine in my own movie. 

VienneMilano is a luxury hosiery company from the US with the thigh highs made in Italy I only ever would have dreamed of owning. "Stockings are a true fashion complement, as they can define the outfit - legs are a canvas for color and texture, thingh highs allow you to use it." (VienneMilano)

I 100% know exactly what I'm planning for the big V-Day. Wine, cheat food and thigh highs. And even if you are in a couple, I'm damn sure he's not going to object to these beauties. 

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I'm wearing: CLAUDIA & MAFALDA

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This post is sexily created in collaboration with VienneMilano, USA.