Flavourful Food at Cabana

I am a lover of flavourful food, most of what I cook at home turns out pretty bland from night to night so it's nice to go out and eat something special. I was invited down to Cabana in West Quay for the cocktail making and food tasting (Read the post here) but didn't get time to try the food, so when I went back I was really excited to see what was on offer! We started off with a cocktail (of course a Caipirinha) and then browsed the pretty large menu to choose what we fancied. There was a lot of really nice dishes on there so it was kind of hard to choose but in the end, we had Crispy Squid with Malagueta Mayo and Chargrilled Prawns in Spicy Sauce. The squid was so nice and the mayo was a great addition with a little spice (might attempt to recreate this at home ...) and the spicy prawns were also super tasty. 

Then onto the mains, and I wasn't sure what to expect. There were lots of different choices but in the end we both opted for the 'Flame Grilled Skewers' because they sounded exciting.  We chose the Spicy Malagueta Chicken and the Chicken Wrapped In Bacon and I clearly failed to read the menu because I was so excited when it came with pineapple but it said that all along! Mine was with fries and the other with Coconut Slaw (I'm not a fan of coconut). Although the portions looked fairly small, they were just the right amount, and the food tasted just as good as if you were on a beach with a bbq.  

We sat in the swing chairs in the corner, which was really sweet and felt like your own little booth. The decor was also insanely cool with light shades made from sun-hats and cushion covers made from can-tops! I also want to attempt to make one of those but thats a hell of a lot of fizzy drinks to go through first ... 

My chicken was tender and tasted great mixed with the bacon and like I said, the pineapple just made it all better! The spicy chicken was also super nice and wasn't too hot that you couldn't handle all of it. The chips had a lovely spice on them and the slaw, well apparently it was amazing!!

Then came the desert, and we deliberated whether to actually get one or not, but truth be told we haven't stopped talking about it since! I was in charge, and so I chose the Sundae with the Nutella Dough Balls, and oh my goodness. Death by chocolate heaven! The dough balls were filled with warm Nutella, and guess what you dipped them in? Yep that's right. WARM NUTELLA. This mixed with the cool ice cream of the sundae was the perfect combination and a brilliant sharer. 

Over all the atmosphere was so nice and the cocktails went down a treat, just as well as the food! The desert was incredible and I couldn't move for a good 15 minutes afterwards but the portion sizes were perfect and I would definitely recommend. It's also not very heavily carb based which is good as sometimes just meat and veg (or fruit in their case) is all you need! 

Thank you so much Cabana for such a lovely night and I got to go home with their famous sauce and chilli oil! 
Head down to West Quays new complex to check out the Brazilian food.
Find their website here: https://cabana-brasil.com
Find their Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/cabanabrasil/
Find their Twitter here: https://twitter.com/cabana_brasil

The meal was complimentary for the purpose of the review, but I've already chosen like 5 more things I want to eat there!