The New Kid On The Dock

Over the last couple of years there's been a rise in independent cafe's opening in Southampton and I couldn't be happier. There's some kid of therapy attached to sitting in somewhere with a bit more character, a place that really means something to it's owner and takes pride in its appearance and offerings. When times get a bit too much I love to just drink coffee and relax by myself in one of the many cute places here. But now there's a new kid on the block and I'm pretty sure this is going to be one of my favourite spots. 

The Docks Coffee House

Situated in the quaint Oxford Street (what I like to call my little version of Chelsea and Kensington) it has the perfect up-market location. Breakfasts are on the go every morning and lunch is basically a rush of people wanting their caffeine fix and a delicious homemade donut or brownie. Owned by Dan and Dishi, with Ruby helping to deck it out and run the cafe it really does have a family feel to it. 

I was craving something sweet, and after just being given a huge dentist bill this probably wasn't the best idea but who cares I was drowning my sorrows. I went for a latte, a 3 topping donut and an oreo brownie and sat myself down in the most luxurious chair of them all. The flowers on each table are the perfect Instagram photo by the way ...

The donut was amazing, with sprinkles, chocolate pieces and marshmallows on the top and that disappeared pretty quickly. The latte went down smoothly and I chatted to Dishi about all the amazing things happening in the city. I then moved onto the brownie and it is so soft and gooey it melts between your fingers in a seductive fashion, that just makes you want to take another bite. We talked and I ate and we talked some more, in-between milkshake making and coffee order taking. I then tried one of the strawberry milkshakes and it was more refreshing than you'd think! I could hear her whizzing them up in the back and it arrived with fruit loops on top to make it that bit more fancy. 

I sat there for hours, chatting and working on my laptop and I even then got to have the Avocado on toast. I'm obsessed with Avo on toast and this lived way up to scratch, with the fresh aves, added tomato and crusty bread. It was heaven. I really really like this place and it's only been open for two weeks. I was told there will be new fridges for lunch time sandwiches and new items would be added to the menu in the next few weeks and I'm excited for this place to do really well. Thank you so much to Dishi, Dan and Ruby for having me and I will see you very soon!

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The food was complimentary for the review, but all my opinions are truthful and my tastebuds agree!