The Long Lost Art Of Giving Less Of A Shit

This is most definitely a girl power, I'm going to talk about my feelings kind of post. So if that's not your thing I strongly suggest you turn away now. But when little things happen (or big things) I used to write them down in a notebook and they would be lost forever, but seeing as I have this blog as an outlet I may as well put it here. For people to see in the hope that it will help you in someway too. 

I've been let down more times than I can remember and dating seems to have becoming and every growing minefield of fakery and money and Facebook photos. But no one really actually gives a shit. And that's where people like me (and potentially you) get fucked over because we actually do give a shit. But a friend told me recently she had adopted the art of not giving one at all. So that's what I'm going to try and do. I'm sick of people being fake and saying things they don't mean or making you care when you really really shouldn't. If for once I could actually believe what someone says anymore it would be a miracle and maybe I am causing these things to happen with my negative outlook on it, or maybe like my mum said you just kiss them too soon. I no longer want to wonder when I'll get the next date or feel excited when someone messages me. My response now ... I don't give a shit. 

"Empty promises and false hopes can break a person more than cruel words and physical blows. When the ground beneath your feet crumbles and falls away there's nothing left to grab onto, and you're left floating in your own mind. wondering and waiting. You can never rely on anyone but yourself. But even your own mind, body and heart can run away from you at times." - Me , at a clearly more sensible point of my life. 

P.S - Sorry mum for all the swearing. It was needed.