Warming Street Food In Wahaca

So I had never heard of Wahaca before (don't shoot me) but I got an invite to go down and try it and I took my mum, who had been to one of their restaurants in London. Completely unaware of what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised with how different the menu was from a normal restaurant. 

My mum and I were greeted by Georgina and Thomassina who is Wahaccas creator (and superwoman)! Thomassina told us about her favourite dishes (the kale and the prawns too) and she also said that the tequila and elderflower that I chose was fabulous, but not for the fainthearted! 

We had a lovely waiter called Carlos that explained some more of the menu and helped us choose a range of dishes. In the end we went for:
- Pork Pitbull Tacos
- Crispy Praw Tacos (Thomassinas fave)
- Smoky Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas 
- Smoky Chicken and Avocado Tostadas 
- Mexico City Style Salmon Sashimi (my favourite, it had avocado obviously)
- Sweet Potato and Feta (Carlos' fave)
- Curly Kale (Thomassinas Fave)

Naturally the food came out as and when it was ready and I like this way of eating because half of it isn't going cold while I try and shove it all in at once to speed up the process. The two tostadas were amazing and these were the freshest tasting, maybe to do with the vegetables, avocado and light crispy base. The quesadillas were incredible also, and the curly kale has feta cheese and is definitely something I wouldn't mind eating everyday (then maybe I'd have a figure as good as my mums!). 

There is literally so so so much more I wanted to try but I'm only little and can't pack in too much food, because I don't think rolling me home is included on the menu. But I did see someone having a birthday party in the corner so maybe I'll bring my mum back for hers in April as we both super enjoyed it. And I'm not even kidding like look how happy my face is in that last photo ...... 

Thank you so much to Wahaca for having us, Carlos for making us laugh all night and Thomassina for telling us all about her fabulous restaurant! Head down to Wahaca inside West Quay's new complex, and it's right on the left when you go inside!

This meal was gifted on behalf of Wahaca for the review purpose, but this food was incredible and I'm so happy it's just around the corner now!