The Sign Said YES - Gatehouse Grill

The big building down by the Mayflower park (dubbed by me as the castle) is one of the grandest and prettiest buildings in the city. Home to Kuti's Thai Pier restaurant since 2008, this restaurant really makes you feel like you've had luxury and that's probably because you have. The grand entrance leaves you pretty stunned at the appearance and making sure you put your best heeled foot forward, you step into the luxurious gold and purple seating area. I went with new found companion in crime (and prosecco) Emily and we dined in one of the little booths to ourselves. 

I absolutely love going out for dinner and I love trying new places which is why I do so many reviews, because with so much choice it's difficult too know where to go. And if you're like me and you watch the pennies, wherever you go has to be worth it! I have had the Thai food before (a little more refined than Thaikhun Street Food) but hadn't tried the more recently opened section upstairs, Gatehouse Grill. These specialities in the Grill on the 1st Floor included steak, seafood and also Rum Tasting!

We settled down, ordered a bottle of wine as usual and as a Malbec drinker, this was a good one. We really really struggled with what to choose as it all sounded so so good. For starters I went for the Pan Seared scallops and they were cooked to perfection with a healthy portion of sauce to go around, which is unheard of in some places! Emily had oysters and loved them, I tried one but my main had them in so I didn't want to steal too many.

I'm a big lover of seafood but not of steak so for my main, the Seafood Linguine really jumped out at me. Why choose a dish with one fish in when you can have the whole ocean in one pasta plate?! There was so much fish I was not disappointed with the selection and the meal was a good portion, with Smoked Salmon, Scallops, Crab & Claw meat as well as Blue Shell Muscles and Shell-On Tiger Prawns. I mean c'mooooon how cool is that!?! Emily had the steak with thick chips and I tried some of hers. It was cooked rare/medium and usually that amount of red would send me running for the hills but this steak was flavourful, tasty and soft. There wasn't mess everywhere because they let the meat rest before serving which I really appreciated! And of course we left room for desert..... 

Now I hate to put a downer on the diner but the deserts didn't impress us all that much. The Tiramisu wasn't doused in coffee and we couldn't really taste it and the brownies weren't that much different to anywhere else, which was a shame considering the rest of the food was literally so delicious we were making those weird 'ooohhh' and 'mmmmm' noises. Luckily we had filled up on the rest of the meal and gave our feedback to the director Kamal, who I have to say is so lovely. It didn't put me off though, because usually I'm not a desert kinda gal and I prefer to have a good starter, so for me, this place is still the king of the castles. So I'm saying YES! 

Kuti's & Gatehouse Grill offer a Diners Club card so you can get 15% off your food bill (Sun-Thur) and 10% off the food bill (Fri-Sat) which is awesome!! Find the link to sign up HERE:

Thank you so much to Kamal and the team for such a lovely meal and I'm definitely going to get lot's of use with that club card!

Find the Gatehouse Grill website here:

Food was complimentary for purpose of review, and how lucky am I because it was so nice!