Classic Timepieces In Shades Of Brown

Investment pieces are something I thrive on. I would rather buy one thing and have it last a few years, than have to keep buying other less impressive pieces. When it comes to watches, this is definitely the case. I only have 4, one from my mum, one that's my pride and joy, one that is just for fun and now this one. My first brown watch, and my, it's a good'en. 

Cornerford Watches teamed up with Perrier Jouet to bring an exciting launch party and VIP night to Buddha Southampton. I attended, I drank champagne and all was right with the world again. 

Although this is my first brown watch, it's technically also my first mens watch. No problem there though. The elegance and sleek design of the Cornerford Bianco means it's able to be worn male or female and dressed up or down. The classic white 40mm face is just the right size and water resistant for up to 3M you don't have to worry about not taking this baby on holiday. 

I love the pure elegance of the face and the leather strap, as I'm generally not a huge fan of a metal link strap anyway. Supported by GQ, Cornerford have created a quintessentially British brand with luxury and taste. I'll rival any gentleman that thinks a gentleman's timepiece can't be worn by a woman too. 

Find the Bianco | Brown here: Cornerford Bianco
Find the Cornerford Instagram here: @cornerford

This post was not sponsored, the watch was gifted by Cornerford and I am so grateful! Plus I'm already loving the new collection ....