#THEBOSSGIRL - Day In The Life Of A Marketing Director

So the term 'Marketing Manager' is thrown around a lot, with different words added onto 'marketing' to make it sound fancy or try and sell something in a different way. I consider myself a 'Digital Stylist'. A term I came up with in uni for my agency, as I felt it incorporated the way I help them develop rather than just merely posting on Facebook. I also style all of the photos I take and offer photography as part of my packages so that adds the styling element too. I focus on small businesses in the South so this also adds a different USP to my business. I am newly Marketing Co-ordinator for a leisure and events company so this is mostly my day-to-day as well as running a new leisure and tourism blog for Southampton (Southampton Focus) so I gat a lat going on!

I thought I'd share what I do on a Saturday, which is my agency and blog day. I do client photo-shoots during the week so that I have all the images ready to create the content and I can spend my weekend posting (which is actually how I like to spend it)!

Saturday - Blog and Agency Day

7:00am - I try and wake up around this time but usually roll around and stare at Instagram and snooze my alarm for 15 minutes until I really have to get up.

7:15am - I make myself a cup of coffee and pull myself into the shower, then settle down at my dressing table to do my make up. Even if I'm not going anywhere it's nice to do a little even just foundation to make me feel more ready for the day. 

8:00am - I start to sit at my desk and go through emails, making sure there's nothing super important, and handling it if there is. I'll check all my clients posts have gone out fine that day and then work on my to-do list. I will also check what things I have coming up for my blog and see what needs to be photographed or written.

10:00am - I'll probably stop for a snack at this point, maybe toast or a Bounce Ball. I'll then get really stuck into scheduling the client posts on their accounts for the week, spending an allocated time on each one and making sure the plans for the posts have been approved by them. If there's any newsletters to do i'll sit and make those too. I quite like making those as I can get pretty creative with them too. 

13:00pm - Now it's time to stop for lunch and distract myself scrolling through Instagram and maybe posting something too. If I have anything to photograph for my blog, my little sister will come round and take the photos for me and we will giggle at Youtube videos while we go through the photos. 

16:00pm - If we have been shooting, my sister will probably leave about now and i'll sit back at my desk to schedule the rest of my clients posts and make sure everything is ticked off. Creating a post a day for multiple clients can be quite brain draining so after I've finished them, I'll either do another blog post for my site or just stick on some more Youtube videos on or probably Gossip Girl!

19:00pm - I'll cook and make a nice dinner, as I love cooking! Then read through some other blogs and edit some pictures to go out on my Instagram the next week, just so I have a stock incase nothing interesting happens or if there's a sponsored or gifted one that needs to go out. 

22:00pm - Trying to go to bed at a reasonable time for me is always difficult, I'm more of a night owl, but i'll snuggle down and read Girlboss or Vogue or something equally as inspirational (cringe I know) and try to sleep. I have personal training sessions on a Sunday (See the post Here) so I'll get my rest in and wake up nice and early to enjoy the day!

So there you have it! My exciting day of scheduling posts and writing for my clients! It's not particularly amazing but it's what I do and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

If you're thinking of starting in marketing and need some advice or just wondered about anything then drop me an email at mirrored@outlook.com :)