Spring Mornings - A Fruity Beginning

As someone that very much loves the Winter and finds Summer hot and uncomfortable, I'm really enjoying the new found sunlight and happy weather the last week. It's unusual to have a few days good weather in England so when you say let's go to the park tomorrow it actually decides to thunderstorm (typical). But it's managed to stay sunny, and so has my mood yippee! 

I am still very much drowning in work but right now I don't mind, and there are so many new exciting things on the horizon that every morning I don't feel like I'm walking into a bear pit. I also see that my friends are doing very well and being successful taking big steps and that spurs me on. So I decided to try a new breakfast. Being on Instagram 24/7 that's the only reason I discovered the strange thing that is 'granola'. I had never eaten it before and thought it would taste like cardboard, but whilst having a strop (yes at 22) in Sainsburys with my mum last week I bought some, and she told me to get fruit yoghurts to mix it with. Now she better than anyone knows I HATE breakfast, but guess what...

Not anymore!

Paired with my normal morning coffee and smoothie, this isn't something that is too heavy or stodgy but actually just quite fruity and enjoyable. I use the fruit and nut granola with either strawberry or raspberry yoghurt and it honestly takes me two seconds. I am always rushing in the mornings and because this has all the extra nuts and currants in the granola, I don't have to fuss about putting 3 million toppings on. 

So prepare to see a lot more of this stuff on my Instagram because now I'm obsessed. And it's sunny. And I'm feeling inspired.

Happy Monday!