Cornwall's Oldest Bakery - Treats From Warrens

Sometimes when you blog, things end up being happy coincidences. I work in an office above a high street, so the best food we get is Subway, Costa or Greggs. Not brill when you're trying to be healthy huh. The other day we opened the windows as the sun heated up the room, and in wafted this amazing smell of freshly baked goods. YUM. Me and one of the other girls ran down to see the new Warrens Bakery opening! I got talking to a girl there that was helping us choose what to get, and i turns out she was doing the PR for the opening! She was so lovely to explain about the bakers, being originally from Cornwall and very family orientated with a focus on great quality. 

"As one of the UK’s top three craft bakeries and the World’s oldest pasty maker, we are devoted to baking. Nothing makes us happier than using fresh ingredients, trialing recipes and rolling out, kneading or crimping great craft products."

She handed me a goody bag after hearing about my blog and I bought one of their amazing white chocolate tarts and went back to work! Looking through all my goodies I am so happy that I bumped into her and super enjoyed everything in the bag.

The Shortbread biscuits are absolutely melt in the mouth good and the strawberry ones have little pieces of fruit in them. It's safe to say that they dissappeared extremely quickly....

I had never had a saffron cake before, or even heard of one, but I went to my nans, and me and her decided to give it a try. It was moist and fruity and a little spicy too (but not in the chilli way). We slathered it with butter and enjoyed slices each until we were so full!

Strangely the crisps were not normal flavours and I wasn't expecting to like them, but they honestly tasted so nice. They were the kind of 'luxury' crisps you only get in big bags. The fish and chips ones were not too fishy, with only a hint, but had all the goodness of salty chips! The cornish crisps were also a different taste and I can't really explain it but they were really good too!!

I was very impressed with all these snacks and I have been back to this bakery to purchase more yummy goods at least three times. Their new one is on Market Street in Eastleight, so if you get the chance I would really suggest popping down.

Find their website here:
Find their Instagram here: @warrens_bakery


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