When The Shove Comes: Being Your Own Boss

Since January, I have been working on a new project, I had a salary and I was running my business side-hustle-stylie. But sadly last week that came to an end (for many reasons) and I was all of a sudden thrust back into being on my own again. Don't get my wrong I love my business, but the security of having a salary helped me sleep at night. I spent a couple of days mourning the loss of my financial security, and drank one too many wines. I am a true believer of 'sometimes you just need to be sad' and let the feeling filter out. But now I may have just come to terms with how the future may look being my own boss again, so here goes.

"Your job becomes so much a part of your identity, but we are more than our jobs - and losing mine gave me time to do the things that make me "ME" again." - The DeBrief 

I have always been very pro 'follow your dreams' but completely understanding of security and risk at the same time. In todays market it's very uncertain in any job you go for and that's a pretty scary thought, that no matter what you do it's not safe. All we can do is keep going and hope that we get far enough in whatever endeavour that we can support ourselves. The main thing I've come to learn is DON'T FREAK OUT. Because that's exactly what I did and it doesn't work. Sometimes a big change can be good, and it may be the universes' way of saying that it's time for you to move on now. It gives you that extra little shove you need to go out and do something you thought was risky. Changing it up is not something that comes natural to us humans with responsibility, so sometimes we have to see it as a positive thing that we have been thrown into a situation. It's like when birds throw their babies off mountains right? They have to be filled with fear to fuel their success. I believe that's what the universe has done to me and I intended to fly. 

Now on a stranger note, the last two/three nights I've had dreams in which I'm pregnant. Hold the phone. I don't actually really like babies that much and the thought of having one now makes me want to run a million miles! (no offence to anyone that has one or wants one!) It's just not for me, not now. 

So WHY the strange dreams?

Well I had a google and it turns out that this dream can mean that there's a project or something personal that you want to bring to the world but it may take a long time. Huh... weirdly that makes a lot of sense. 

"The fundamental explanation for a pregnancy dream is that you've conceived an idea or project in your real life which you're bringing to fruition, but it's a labourious process" - The DeBrief

This may be the fact that I want to further my Digital Styling agency and grow my blog and both of these things definitely take time but they are worth it when I put my all into them. Losing job security so early can be a huge knock in confidence, but it does teach you how to be a little bit tougher, and how not to rely on things too much. Fingers in all the pies sounds like a appropriate saying for now. Now I will be working on my agency and my blog and going back in the direction I started out in, everything about 'Southampton' and working on my new Travel section! I now have a head brimming with ideas for new things I can post about and different content I can come up with because now I have to time to. I may be a lot more financially uncertain, but time also counts for a lot so I can now budget how I spend my time as well as my money, to get the most out of both. If we are focusing on the wrong things or things we didn't set out to do, we can become too busy to be creative, so that's what I'm focusing on now. Being creative and getting my goals back on track.

Has anything ever left you slightly on the back foot? How did you cope? I'd love to hear more about everyone's creative journeys!  

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