Dinner at the Balmoral Beefeater

The Balmoral Beefeater. Not somewhere that would be my first choice for food. I think if someone took me on a date here I would have even declined. Not anymore! I was invited to come down and taste some of the menu (on a secret basis too so the staff didn't know who was reviewing!) so I took my mum with me for a nice evening. 

On arrival, it's opposite a hotel, which to me seemed like it would make it less personalised as they have so many people coming in and out all of the time. Oh but how wrong I was. We were greeted and seated and looked after to no end. The staff were attentive and so I tried a cocktail to start and my mum, a glass of wine. 

I went for a Cuba Libre (rum) and really enjoyed it actually, I'm normally one for wine but enjoyed trying something new. Starters consisted of the tastiest garlic flatbread, with guacamole and dips! It was crispy but soft at the same time and you could taste how fresh the food was, which is always really important to me. 

Then onto mains and I have to say I wasn't expecting the most incredible food, just because of my preconceived opinion of the Beefeater as a kind of pub type place! But again, I was strongly proved wrong. 

I went for the salmon, a favourite of mine and it sounded so good with the creamy sauce, potatos and greens. I absolutely loved this and it looks just as good as it tastes! There was enough sauce to cover the whole of the meal and the salmon was perfectly cooked. The fresh greens added such a yummy summer hint to the food too. 

My mum went for the mushroom risotto with paprika chicken and again, it looks and tastes absolutely amazing. The flavours were rich and the mushroom really came through when I tried it. No mush here! Risotto can be known for being a little bland sometimes but this dish definitely wasn't. We were super amazed by the quality and taste and rich flavours of the food.

Now for dessert, there was a photo on a little leaflet on the table for the Gin & Tonic trifle. It seemed silly not to give it a go so we ordered one each. That was our first mistake! They were a LOT bigger than we thought and one of them would have been more than enough for both of us! But they were insanely tasty and we couldn't stop eating regardless of how full we were! It was so creamy and the gin came through in the taste and the chocolate added a little something extra.

Overall I was way more impressed with the Balmoral Beefeater than I thought I would be and it is most definitely not 'pub' like in any way shape or form. I could not have been more wrong and this is now somewhere I would add to my list of restaurants to eat at. 

Thankyou Beefeater I had such a nice time and meal and you really have changed my opinion! And thankyou to Donna our waitress who really looked after us!

Find their Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/beefeateruk/
Find their website here: http://www.beefeater.co.uk


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